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A man walked into a bar...He said ouch!

Lunch Activities
Lunch and Learn Reporter, Ally

This week for lunch and learn, I chose walking club.  During

walking club, kids in kindergarten through third grade walk around the

school.  Kids from fourth through sixth grade walk to the creek.  Every

time you walk you earn feet (which are put on a shoelace necklace.)  For

every five laps you walk, you get one foot.  I think everybody should get out

and walk!  Next week, Winchell school is having a walk-a-thon.

I hope you will help sponsor!

Taylor's Class Works with Transparent Mirrors!
Math Reporter, Nate

This month in math, we worked with transparent mirrors.  They are plastic mirrors that

you can look through on paper.  When you look through them, you see everything you

would see with a mirror.  We traced the images we saw while looking through the

mirrors.  We did an activity called "Build a Clown."  It showed a hat, nose, mouth, etc.  

We used our mirrors to move the things around and we drew the reflection where we

wanted them.

Books in February
Reading Reporter, Tiffani

This month we are reading two stories: "Breakers Bridge" and
"Justin and the Best Biscuits in the World."  The second book is about

a boy who doesn't want to do very many chores.  His grandfather comes

to visit and they have a fun time together.  His grandfather makes Justin

biscuits that are cooked over a fire.  It is a pretty good book.

Read it, I'll bet you will love it!

Taylor's Class Made an Erupting Volcano!
Science Reporter, Nate

This month in science, we started learning about volcanoes.  Our Intern, Mrs. Lenaway,

built a volcano.  It really erupted!  We used baking soda, vinegar, food coloring, an

empty pop bottle, a measuring cup, a bucket, spoons, a dropper, detergent, and snow.  

To make the volcano erupt, we put the snow in the bucket and buried the pop bottle in

it.  We added 6 spoonfuls of detergent, 8 drops of red food coloring, 2 cups of vinegar,

25 Ml of cold water, warm water, and 6 spoonfuls of baking soda.  When we put it all

together, the volcano erupted reddish water.  It worked correctly.


One day, Frank, Bob, and Bill went to rob a bank.  When they were running away, they heard the sirens of a police car.  They hid in three potato sacks.  The police kicked Frank's sack.  He said nothing.  The police thought it was potatoes.  Then they kicked Bill's bag.  He said, "meow, meow."  They thought it was an old cat.  They kicked Bob.  He said, "just potatoes."  He got arrested.