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Dolls go to New York
Specials Reporter, Ally

Winchell school is making rag dolls for the children in New York city.

Mrs. Cathy Murphy, the art teacher, helped every child in the school

make a doll.  We wrote notes to the students in New York and attached them

to our dolls.  The notes were about us being pen pals with the students.

I am very thankful because I am one of her students.


Q: What did the judge give the man who stole the calendar?
A:  Twelve Months!

Lunch and Learn
Lunch and Learn Reporter, Brittany

In lunch and learn, you get to pick an activity to do during lunch.  I picked

volunteer corp this month.  In volunteer corp, you deliver lunches to the students

in the other activities.  After the students are done eating, we pick up the carts and

extra lunches and milks.  Then we tell the people who do lunch delivery how many lunches are

left.  There is a person that takes care of milk and the rest of the people

clean up the carts and crates.


Q:  Where should a 500 pound alien go?
A:  On a diet!

Chippawa Village
Social Studies Reporter, Jesseca

Our class is making Chippawa villages out of construction paper.  We

are studying the Chippawa Indians in social studies.  Some students

cut out wigwams and glued them on manilla folders.  We are working

really hard to get a good grade on our projects.  I enjoyed making them.

I think the class did too.


Q: How many witches does it take to change a light bulb?
A: Just one, but she changes it into a cat!

Mrs. Taylor's Reading Groups
Reading Reporter, Katie

Mrs. Taylor's reading groups are the Fish group and the Spider group is the fourth grade group.  In

the fish group, we are reading "The Big Storm" and in the Spider group they read "Kettle of Hawks."  

In our reading groups we take turns reading page by page until we are done.  When

we get done reading, we work in our practice book.  The book asks us questions

and we have to find the answers in our stories.

One day Fred, Bob, and Bill went hunting.  Fred went out into the woods.  
He came back 15 minutes later with a big bear.  The other men asked him,
"How did you get such a big bear?"  He said, "I saw some fresh tracks.  I
followed the tracks and I found this bear."  Next out went Bob.  10 minutes
later, he came back with a deer and he said, "I saw some tracks, I followed
them, and I found a deer."  Next out went Bill.  One hour later he came back
all bleeding with broken bones.  The other two asked him what happened.  He
said, "I saw the tracks, I followed the tracks...                                                                    
                          I GOT HIT BY THE TRAIN!"

All Jokes written by Nate