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Teacher's Turn: This month is black history month.  To celebrate, we are having the students research and report on African American figures in history.  Two of their reports can be seen in "Student Work."
    We have also been working on our hallway decorations for the month of March.  The book we have chosen to highlight this year is The River Ran Wild.  We have decorated our hallway with a river, student-made canoes, a volcano that is erupting books the students have made, and a tree with leaves made out of the student's hands.  We think it looks great!

This month's spelling words:

        2/4:  answer, island, build, buying, diamond, enemy, guide, heart, interest, language, library, journey, grammar, marriage, bicycle, harness, mastered, instinct, relieved, instructor
        2/11: pranced, yesterday, bounce, chance, among, fence, distance, lingered, anger, difference, during, hang, against, crust, balance, faded, festival, inspecting, resounded, skillet

        2/18: broken, horses, saddle, utensils, supper, snakes, biscuits, secret, rodeo, cowboys

Thank You's:

Thanks to Shane and Conor's parents for their contributions to the auction!