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Parent's Place
Teacher's Turn:  As my internship is coming to a close, I wanted to thank each of you, both parents and students, for making this a wonderful experience for me.  I think that you all have taught me a lot more than I have taught you.  My last day will be Friday, April 26th.  I will be bringing in a small treat for the students as a celebration of my graduating.  I wish each of you a productive and happy year.  
                    - Mrs. Lenaway

This month's spelling words:
        4/8: harvest, acre, official, sturdy, homeland, clutching, massive, glimpse, regained, deserted

        4/15: bitter, August, grammar, library, sour, difference, lingered, against, February, all right, crunchy, September, teammate, newspaper, interest

        4/22: chief, key, relief, money, donkeys, priest, thief, volleyball, chimney, piece, hockey, niece, monkey, field, alley

        4/29: preserve, clerk, curtain, sir, germ, herd, furniture, modern, water, perfume, curl, return, fir, fern, stir, commercial, identify, mammals, marine, related

Thank You's: