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Parent's Place
Teacher's Turn:  This month is the first edition of our class online newsletter.  Thanks to all of you for being patient as we work to create our site.  
    As most of you know, we have been working toward taking the MEAP test in February.  That testing begins on the 28th with a special breakfast for all of the students involved.  Please be sure to encourage your children to do well and show them your support.
    We will be sending home report cards with your students on Wednesday the 22nd.  Please look over them with your child and return the pink signature slip with them the next day.
    If you have anything that you would like to post on our site, please let me know either by sending a message with your child or through the online guest book on the "contact us" page.

Announcements:  Our school has reached its accelerated reader goal this month and, as a reward, we will be having a school-wide read-in the afternoon of Friday, January 25th.  We will be having cookies and milk and students are free to come to school in their pajamas.

This month's spelling words:

        1/7: crash, sweet, swept, smash, switch, smoke, smooth, snap, snow, gravel, grip, crack, groups, crayon, swarm, wildlife, physical, revolves, formation, honeycomb

        1/14: formation, honeycomb, physical, revolves, wildlife, kettle, school, pack, herd, flock, pod, colony, band, brood, paddle, soar, glide, hum, buzz, honk

        1/21: jagged, noisy, swarm, hornet, apartment, question, mosquito, address, coils, hawk, artist, hobbies, smooth, crack, voyage

        1/28: answer, island, build, buying, diamond, enemy, guide, heart, interest, language, library, journey, grammar, marriage, bicycle, harness, mastered, instinct, relieved, instructor

Thank You's:

Thanks to Skajler's dad, Mr. Starling for taking pictures of our class with his digital camera!  

Thanks to Ally's dad for all of the great snacks!

Thanks to Tayana, Ally, Shane, and Meagan's Moms for all of the tasty cookies they sent for reading day!